2 Reasons Why People Fail In Affiliate Marketing

2 Reasons Why People Fail In Affiliate Marketing

There are 2 (two) Reasons Why People Fail To Earn Affiliate Commissions Online in Affiliate Marketing.

Most Internet Marketers fail online because they do not know where their business is going or how they are going to get there (to whatever their end point goal is – usually making money online).

Many Newbie Internet Marketers may experience a little success at first, but eventually they will fail. They will fail because they do not have or use a solid business plan in the development of their online business.

Do you know why Newbies Fail and Professionals Succeeds Online?

Two Reasons Why Newbies Fail to make Money Online

First Reason

Newbies uses this strategy called “PROMOTION”. They promote any products under the sun without having a well “Game” and “Business” Plan trying to make a quick buck by spamming the Facebook Groups with their links. They used this strategy hoping those products will convert into a sale without really understanding the strategies behind in marketing those products.


Professionals uses a well effective strategy called “LAUNCHES”. They launch a product having a well “Game” and “Business” Plan knowing the product will convert into massive sales by Engineering the Promotion of the Product before they launch the product out into the marketplace.

That is why 95 to 96% of the people are failing in this industry because they don’t understand how to market the products out in the marketplace.


4% of the people who are Professionals knows the Game of Marketing and Engineering a Promotion of the Product raking in massive of sales.

Second Reason

Professionals doesn’t want to teach 95% of the newbies out in the marketplace out in the marketplace because it is hard for them to teach a complete newbie how to start from Zero To Massive Success.

They also don’t want to reveal their secrets in how they make their money because if everybody did it. They had to share their piece of their pie to everybody else.

The Professionals rather teach 95% of the people the bare basics of marketing, Done For You Funnels and promising them a “Push Button Software that makes them money. There are no such thing as “Push Button Software that makes you money. People who fells for this Nonsense Push Button Software, the professionals are the only ones who rakes in all the money.


Here’s a video below that explains in great detail…


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Most people just starting out on the internet, they treat this Internet Marketing as a "HOBBY" Not a "Business". It is something they do in their spare time.

Most of these online entrepreneurs run after this kind of hype up promotional tactics, they eventually close down their online business. This is almost always due to the lack of sales. They thought that they would get an easy sale and make easy money.

In order to build a solid online business, you have to start a thinking like a "Business Owner" Not an "Employee". The mindset of a Business Owner and an Employee are complete different animal and the way they are thinking.

You are only going to turn your creativity into money using the resources that are available to you. Whenever, you are faced with a challenge in your online business, you should devote your time to plan and analyze a strategy to overcome the challenge and succeed.


That is where 95 to 96% of the people will never do this and this will lead to their failure!


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