4 Percent Pro Membership

What Do Pro Members Get?
(On Top of What Lite Member Get)

Pro Members Get:

• Immediate access to FourPercent PRO level
• Full access to FourPercent marketplace
• Become 4 Percent Partner (affiliate), signup for the Partner program
• Ability to promote and earn commissions on all Four Percent native digital product sales
• unlock over 30 miltiple streams of income through Four Percent eco-system
• Ability to promote "the journey show" funnels
• Ability to promote all 'Presentations'
• abillity to promote live Masterclasses

• Ability to promote all public webinars

• Marketing material, email swipes, several done for you funnels you can copy and use f.ex. with a clickfunnel account (via share code).
• Tracking option, stats, leaderboard
• Internet Marketing Strategies masterclass (Course)
• Traffic Generation Strategies masterclass (Course)
• List Building Strategies masterclass (Course)
• Coaching with Vick (Daily Training)
• Full Access to Operation $100K - Vick will show you, while you look over his shoulders, how to generate $100.000 as a complete newbie, everything from scratch, he will record every step for you to follow and you are going to follow him each step the exactly path he follows, every thought he make speaking out loud, what traffic he uses, what landingpages, email follow ups, every step is recorded for you to follow and copy or model as you like.
• Access to Vicks personal CPA - free consultations with Vick's persona CPA (taxes, business structure, etc)
• Priority Support
• And much, much more!