How to Create Multiple Streams of Income Online?

4 Percent MSI

How to Create Multiple Streams of Income Online?

In this video, My Mentor, “Vick Strizheus” shows you How to Create Multiple Streams of Income Online using the Exact Same System that I am using to Earn Multiple Streams of Income.

Vick Strizheus, the founder of the Four Percent Group not only has some very thorough training on this, but he also offers an easy integration with a few companies within the industry that are congruent within the make money online niche.  While we are not limited to just the suggestions Vick provides, I have pulled a few good examples for you here.


Here are Some of The Sources You Can Earn Multiple Streams of Income

The system recommends various essential business tools that will help you to operate and succeed in their business in order to earn money online. These tools will take their new business to a new level.

These tools promoted inside the system, are attached with your affiliate links, which means you will earned commissions on those tools that the system is promoting. That is why you enroll in the pro membership, the system will help explain why these tools are important for building a successful online business. These tools are independent 3rd party programs with their own affiliate program.

Here’s a Screenshot shown below of The Back Office that you can add your multiple streams of income so you can let the 4% System does all the selling for you about all these various tools that people need to build their online business.

All you have to do is go through the training called the Challenge and follow what the training tells you to do. It will explain to you How to Market and Promote Products in the Marketplace and How to Create Your Own Economy…


Do You Dare To Take The 4% Challenge and Create The Good Life You Want?


Multiple Streams of Income Online consists of products and business tools promoted automatically for you inside the system. There are:


1. Clickfunnels landingpage and optin page creator and page builder. This is what we recommend and make share codes for. Independent program with it’s own affiliate program. Go to ==> Clickfunnels


2. ClickMagick Tracking tool. ClickMagick (independent program with it’s own affiliate program)

ClickMagick is an Independent program that tracks how many clicks and sales you have.


3. Getresponse Autoresponder. Independent program with it’s own affiliate program. Go to ==> Getresponse


4. Aweber Autoresponder. Independent program with it’s own affiliate program. Go to ==> Aweber


5. Udimi solo ad Market. Go to Udimi and order Solo Ads ==> Udimi


6. Bluehost. Create your domain for tracking and own domain email which is a MUST. Get your domain here at


Click on Get Started Now to Get Started On The Exact Same System That Earns Me Multiple Streams of Income Online.

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