The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Programs

In this article I am going to explain to you what an affiliate marketer is and how an affiliate marketer earns money. I am also going to share with you a few affiliate programs, which are both popular and reputable, for you to consider joining.

An affiliate marketer basically promotes a company’s products or services for them and if they make a sale they will receive a commission which is an agreed percentage of the sale price.

An affiliate marketer is a sales person working on a commission. It is not a job and you don’t sign any contracts with the company, you can decide when you want to stop promoting the products at any time without giving any notice.

The affiliate marketer does not hold any stock of the product, they get what is called an affiliate link, which is a unique tracking ID associated only with that affiliate marketer. How this works is that the affiliate marketer promotes a product and has their tracking ID, affiliate link, somewhere within the promotion for a person to click on and go to a sales page. If they decide to make a purchase this tracking ID traces the sale back to the person who promoted the product, they will then receive a commission.

Programs like Amazon Associates let you promote lots of their products and you can swap and change those products any time that you wish. The advantage of having the freedom to do this is that if you find that a certain product is not selling then you can decide to stop promoting that product without giving any notice to Amazon.

A number of company’s use affiliate’s to promote their products and one that most people will have heard of is Amazon, a huge website with perhaps tens of thousands of products. The advantage of using Amazon is because of their reputation, a huge online retailer with an incredible reputation for great customer service.

Other programs like and are a little less known by the public, but offer a much higher commission rate than the larger retailer Amazon. They do not have the same kind of reputation like Amazon but offer a huge amount of online digital products which can be downloaded directly onto the buyers computer. These digital products vary widely from an eBook to purchasing a monthly subscription with a digital service.

A great opportunity exists for the affiliate marketer who can successfully promote products, there are an endless number of products to choose from under an endless number of topics. The key is to know who to market those products to and how to market them successfully.

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