Why You Need Email List Sign Up Incentives?

As you begin to build lists, you may have heard from others that you should offer potential customers and clients something for free.

Your first thought was probably that this would lead to fewer sales and less profit. This is a very real concern for first time business owners.

Of course, you know how much time and effort you put into creating your content, so you wonder just why you should give it away rather than sell it and make a profit.

How You Feel When You Receive a Gift

The human brain works in some mysterious ways; receiving something for free triggers warm feelings in the recipient.

Think about those times you received an unexpected gift or compliment from someone. Chances are it made you feel a lot of admiration and respect towards the gift giver.

You probably also were very thankful and felt a sense of gratitude towards your benefactor.


Law of Reciprocity

The human brain is wired to reciprocate the favor. The subconscious mind begins to think of ways to repay in kind. This is actually called the Law of Reciprocity!

This law states that when you receive a free gift, whether it be physical or virtual, you feel as if you now owe that person a gift or favor in return.

For these reasons, you can see just why it is important to give away either a physical product or some of your content. Freebies help build lists!


How Subscribers React

Most people are more than happy to subscribe to your list if they know they are going to receive something in return.

When you start off giving something away for free, potential clients and customers are more than happy to jump on board.

What you give away should be something that helps prospective clients solve a problem they possibly never knew they had.

Whether you give them a checklist, an e-book or some type of physical product, be sure it is of value to your prospect.


Earn Gratitude

This free resource will fill each new member with respect and gratitude, making them more likely to reciprocate by purchasing from you later on.

By now you should know that it is easy to create quality content that has value for others.

You’ve studied your niche and done enough research to become an expert. You’ve developed your website and reached out to your niche market.


Create Something Which Solves a Problem

Now, create something they can use: a beginner’s guide, a checklist, a short report or some kind of tangible product.

Save anything you create (beside physical products) on PDF files. Shoot a video that is less than 2 minutes long.

Integrate both video and files with the autoresponder on your website. This effectively gives you a free way to automatically build your email lists.

Giving something free to subscribers to your list is a great way to increase your business.

The Law of Reciprocity shows us that businesses that offer freebies enjoy a greater volume of subscribers than do those businesses who do not offer any type of free incentive to join.

So what are you waiting for?


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