Why You Need To Build An Email List?

Why You Need To Build An Email List?

Why should you build an email list? It’s simple… because your competition is doing so. Also, if your website is so attractive it draws 10,000 people per month and only 10 are purchasing the product, how will you ever contact the other 9,990 people without a list? In this report, I will give you some tips on building your email list and some benefits of doing so.

The answer is so simple – but most internet marketers fail to realize what it is!

You need to build a list – because all the top brands and services are doing so.

Your competition is doing so as well.


Building a list is the cusp of “Internet / Information Marketing!”


Top business brands have researched their market and tested every marketing tactic out there so that they could mint more money from their customer’s pockets. The last sentence may not sound good to most of the readers but it’s true.

Imagine you are a girl scout and you precisely know who, among your neighbors, would buy your cookies. Now all you need to do in a situation like that is to make x amount of cookies and sell them to those neighbors. You can always calculate the amount of cookies you need to make and market in order to meet your financial requirements.

Building a list of customers who trust you and will buy whatever you have to sell will help you make more money in the long run. You also need to remember that you are not spending any more money on marketing for accruing these customers. If you treat these customers well, they will be loyal customers of yours for life (or at least a very long time)!


Customers need Constant exposure to the product you are selling in order for them to feel comfortable buying your product


Most customers need constant exposure to the product you are selling. You might have encountered a life insurance agent. He/She would keep on contacting you and be after you until you finally buy an insurance policy. You know that an insurance policy is important for you and your family, but you are reluctant to make a purchase right away. The insurance agent also knows this. But a good agent will continue to contact you until he/she sells you an insurance policy.

Almost 90% of the potential customers who visit a website will not buy a product or service on their first visit. If your website does not have an opt-in list, then you are saying goodbye to 90% of your potential sales. If you have an opt-in list, you are able collect the email address of the visitors who are visiting your website and contact them later with another opportunity to purchase.

You see, once you have your visitor’s emails, you can send them marketing emails whenever you want. The visitors are not lost forever. Once you have the emails of the visitors, and you know what they are looking for, you are able to send the content they are looking for straight to their email in-box.

Your customers may not find expert level articles in the top ten searches on Google, but you can send them the content that can really help to solve their problems. For example, if your subscribers are looking for solutions to cure acne, then you can send them affiliate links for remedies that addresses that problem.

Once your customers see results from something simple, they will feel more connected to you and will give more attention to your emails. Your subscribers will also see you as an authority and will have more faith in whatever you say and offer.

Constant exposure to something also creates an urgency in solving the problem. Some customers may actually forget about their acne problem when they are faced with another important personal problem. In that case your emails will work wonders because your customer is aware about a solution to their problem that you are offering, realizing they would probably buy it sooner or later anyway.

You need to educate your customers in your list about the problem they are facing and tell them about the possible cures. You can also make them believe, with the help of your emails, that the solutions you are offering are the best out there and very affordable. If your product is expensive, tell them about the benefits they will experience in the long run.

Remember the will of the insurance agent. He/she has made you his/her customer the moment they saw you. Do as they are doing, but the best part is that you are convincing many customers at one time, not just one at time, with the help of your email auto responder.

This means the money you are making for the effort you put in is a lot greater. Once you set up your auto responder and load well crafted emails to send to your potential customers, the entire process will run 24×7 without your active participation. You can be on vacation and still make money – IF your emails contain value for your clients.


So what are you waiting for?


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